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Photogallery of our trips to SPAIN

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The trip for our first mastin boy Tocho de Valdejera. We were so surrpised from everything, that we haven´t nearly any photo from this our trip :-)


In 2002 year We were in Spain 3 times.

First our travel for for 8 months old female Salma de Cueto Negro. We also visited kennel Las Canadas.

in kennel Cueto Negro females in Las Canadas males in Las Canadas

After unexpected death of our male Tocho We got offer to borrow adult male Charly de Valdejera from Mr. Eduardo Sierra.

Charly became father of two litters in Czech republic. Because he doesn´t like czech winter at all, we decided to bring back still before end of year. During our travel We participated on show in Madrid.

young Canon de Fuente Mimbre Ulises de Ablanera males Salamon de Valdejera and Ulises de Babia


In 2002 year We brought from Spain wonderful female of mastin Pepa. We visited also show in Agoncillo, organized by AEPME.
We also visited kennels:
Cueto Negro, Valdejera, Fuente Mimbre. Big experience was to visit kennel Ablanera.

Pepa de Valdejera senior Cuba de Valdejera on show
Ulises de Ablanera with
Tigre de Cueto Negro
Lana de Fuente Mimbre in kennel Fuente Mimbre in kennel Ablanera Campo de Ablanera


Year 2003 was very important for us, because Druso de la Aljabara arrived to our country. My friend, which went on holiday to Spain, brought him to us.

in kennel Aljabara mother of Druso


In Februar We participated with our Druso on show in Zaragoza, as 12 months old He got valuation excellent 1, Best young. We were in kennel Valdejera, Hazas de Cesto and la Valleja.

on show
Dama de Fontanar
Mayoral de Hazas de Cesto
1 year old Druso at Atlantic Druso at Mediterranean sea


For the first time We could feel personally athmosphere of spanish club show - Monografica. It took place in town Agoncillo. With us travelled to Spain 2 puppies from our litter Ch - Checo and Chance, they live near of Madrid. Unforgettable experince was visit of kennel kennel Montes del Pardo. We visited also Auto Can, Los Zumbos, Lunava and Valdejera.

open class males - from the left
Morgan del Agostadero, Carbonero de Fuente Mimbre,
Truhan de Cueto Negro, Leon de Cueto Negro, Pavon de Fonteferra
Winner of Monografica - Sanson
kennel Auto Can Isidro ( Auto Can) and his dogs in Valdejera
on the right Oda de Valdejera
Tajo de la Pena Mora
in kennel Montes del Pardo Rona de Montes del Pardo in Montes del Pardo


One of the biggest feast is for breeders of mastines show in Barrios de Luna. Is held annually every second sunday in September and is part of celebrations La Fiesta del Pastor. This show is situated into beautiful natural scenery and her wonderful athmosphere. Our Ramonet became here Best in show puppy.
During our travel We saw mastines in Leon, but also in sunny Valencia in kennels -
Vega de Albares, Babia, Laciana, Buxionte, Filandon, Los Zumbos, Carpacepa, Las Canadas, los Payuelos and Agostadero.

Aralla de Luna, mountains of Leon Ramonet and Feya Mastibe
on show
in Vega de Albares Concha de Babia
Cueto de Buxionte in kennel Filandon
Jorgete de Trashumancia
and his son Armani in kennel Agostadero male in kennel Agostadero


During year 2007 We participated 3x with our mastines on shows in Spain. Mileage was more than 18 000 km, we saw Atlantic ocean and also Mediterranean sea, mountains of Leon and also Madrid (complete reportage is here).

In March We were in Spain aproximately one week, during out trip We overrode Spain from north to the east. After succcessfully absolved show in Torrelavega We visited kennels Buxionte, Reciecho, Valdejera, Los Payuelos and Agostadero.

show in Torrelavega
our Eleonore -
very promising 1
young male from
Montes del Pardo
Barrios de Luna
kennel Buxionte
in kennel Reciecho Ronco de Reciecho kennel Los Payuelos in Valencia at the sea
Jorgito, Elsa, Eleonore

In June We went with our three mastines on special show of AEPME, which is part of AEPME championship.
Before show We visited kennel
Anaise and on the travel back - our dream realized - We visited kennel TRASHUMANCIA and bought here female Paca de Trashumancia. Unfortunatelly Until this moment We didn´t get Pedigree for her from breeder Luis Esquiro.

Special show
our Lois - very promising 2
Best males
Delco de Auto Can, Morgan del Agostadero,
Pando de Galisancho
Historia Tornado Erben
descendants of Druso
Historia and Jorgito
kennel Trashumancia mother of our Paca puppies in kennel Trashumancia

In September We participated on Special show in Bariros do Luna, where reputable judge Mr. Luis Esquiro judged more than 90 mastines. Our Lois was on the first place in puppy class (from 10 females) and Lord Checo Tornado Erben was on 2nd place from 8 males. Very interesting was short visit of kennel Baolamadera, which is situated in beautiful place in mountains.

on the travel Lois - Barrios de Luna Lord Checo Tornádo Erben Lois
From the left
Leon de Cueto Negro,
Nilo de Campollano (father of our litter Q) ,
Seo de Torreanaz (father of our Syra)
Winner of show
Concha de Babia
view from kennel Baolamadera


The trip was very hard, because We traveled near of portugal border, to far Galicia to kennel Vilar for mating. During our travelling We also were in these kennels: Hazas de Cesto, Vicheriza, Devesa, Los Zumbos, Auto Can.

Linda and Eleonore in Galicia puppies in kennel Vilar Ch. Mayoral de Hazas de Cesto - 7 years
Bush de la Vicheriza in kennel Vicheriza beautiful male in kennel Devesa puppies in Devesa
kennel Los Zumbos veteran Ron de Auto Can


Only one and main aim had our travel to Spain this year - participation on two prestigious shows in Talavera de la Reina. We participated with 3 dogs from our kennel - females Lois, Roxana and Sofia Sol Tornado Erben. Even in the dream I would not think, that we can be so successful. During both day Lois was chose as BEST FEMALE, Roxana was both days BEST YOUNG FEMALE. Sofia was registered only for first day, on show with more registered mastines (80). She was winner in puppy class and got title BEST PUPPY of the BREED.

Roxana, Sofie and Lois Lois with daughter Sofia Sofia Sol Tornado Erben and
Roco de Auto Can
Zeus de Fuente Mimbre Karonte de Montes del Pardo champions males Barco Bello
de Montes del Pardo,
Morgan del Agostadero
Luchana de los Zumbos
Bardo de Salombra Duque de Reciecho,
Huron de los Mercegales,
Karonte de Montes del Pardo,
Leon de la Mesta
Toro de la Mesta Karonte
Lois Tornado Erben Sofie, Lois and Roxana in spanish nature Sarko Tornado Erben
with mother Lois in Alicante
video from show - 1st part video from show - 2nd part



This year We travelled to Spain for mating of our female Elenore. We chose for her wonderful male - this show the most show successful mastin in Spain - Ch. Ringo de Reciecho. This dog confirm, that also champion can be good working dogs, it means guard perfectly farmhouse and all livestock. Ringo is tall male with strong bones, perfect character, healthy hips. Unfortunatelly although Eleonore and Ringo liked each other, she didn´t become pregnant.
During our travel We also visited several breeding stations -
Los Picardos, Filandon, Buxionte, Auto Can, Babia, Cueto Negro, Tierra Orbigo and at Atlantic ocean kennels Ribera del Pas and La Valleja.

mountains of Leon Eleonore and Ringo Eleonore
nature near of Leon in kennel Buxionte in kennel Auto Can wonderful spanish nature
kennel Cueto Negro kennel Tierra Orbigo
Eleonore at Atlantic ocean kennel La Valleja kennel Ribera del Pas


In this year We travelled to Spain to participate on big event - 2 international shows in Madrid organized on the occasion of centenary anniversary of FCI. During weekend also AEPME (spanish club for mastin espanol) organized special show, where the judge was famous breeder Luis Esquiro (kennel Trashumancia). First day of international show our Sofia repeated success of her mother Lois from year 2009. On show "La Alianza Cinófila Latina" from spanish judge Adrian Argente del Castillo (registered 54 mastines) Sofia got CACIB and became Best female of the breed. Very successful was also male Qerubio Tornado Erben (owner: kennel Valents House, Russia), which got in very numerous open class valuation Excellent 3.
Huge success was placing of our young female Ysis Tornádo Erben (daughter of Sofia) on special show.
In the day of show She was only 9 months and 4 days old, nevertheless She win in young class and was chosen as BEST JUNIOR of all special show.

part of adult females Sofia - Best female Qerubio - ecellent 3
Queen Sofia on show Conquistador de
Hazas de Cesto
3 best mastines of special show
Ysis on the right
Ysis near of Madrid walking in spanish nature Sofia at Atlantic ocean


In 2012 year We travelled to Spain together with our three mastines to participate on both shows during one weekend. In Saturday (8.9.) it was Club show of AEPME (Monografica Nacional) in Villablino and in Sunday (9.9.) as every year it was show in Barrios de Luna. Is held annually every second sunday in September and is part of celebrations La Fiesta del Pastor.

The judge on Monografica was Mr. Carlos Salas. Our female Sofia Sol Tornádo Erben was excellent 3 in champion class, Ydalgo and Sofia became 2nd best couple of show and We were also on 2nd place in competience of breeding groups.
In Sunday The judge was Mr. Luis Esquiro, reputable breeder and founder of organized breeding of mastines.
Our Europa at the age of 11 months was placed on 2nd place in young class (from 13 females), Sofia Sol Tornádo Erben was on 2nd place in open class (from 15 females). Ydalgo and Sofia won in competience of couples. Sofia with her children Europa and Ydalgo (all born in Czech republic) were chosen in country of origin as BEST BREEDING GROUP OF ALL SHOW.

During our travel home We visited in Spain two breeding stations Las Majadas de los Robles and Montes del Pardo.

Ydaldo and Sofia on
Club show
Sofia (on the left) in Barrios de Luna Ydalgo, Sofia, Europa
best breeding group
our prices for shows photogallery from Spain here Europa in the mountains of Leon


In this year We decided to mate our Daffy directly in Spain in sunny Valencia in kennel Agostadero. For Daffy We chose beautiful powerful 7 years old male Armani del Agostadero. He comes from famous line Trashumancia and has self-confident and friendly character and Daffy liked him a lot :-)
Again after 6 years We got possibility to visit kennel
Trashumancia, from which travelled with us two boys - Tigrin and Tigron de Trashumancia. Near of Leon We visited kennel with long tradition Campollano. Other aim of our travel was kennel Valdejera to pick up here our new sweet and very active girl Gema de Valdejera.

I would like to thank a lot to Francisco Benito (Agostadero), Luis Esquiro (Trashumancia), Jose Luis Moncada (Campollano) and Eduardo Sierra (Valdejera) for very friendly welcome and wonderful experience, which was for us visit of their kennels.

in kennel Agostadero
Jarabe de Palo Tornádo Erben
with father Onix
Daffy and Armani in kennel Campollano
in kennel Valdejera in kennel Trashumancia our boys Tigron a Tigrin
still at home
photogallery from Spain here


In 2014 year We travelled to Spain to participate with our Europa and her mother Sofia on prestigious show in Barrios de Luna. We already participated there with our dogs in 2012 and 2007 year. Both females are really good travellers, so we all enjoyed this trip a lot, we were on the beach and in the mountains also. During travel We visited kennel Funegra, after show We were in kennel Los Abelgas and during our travel home We also visited kennel Los Gustamores. Thanks a lot to all breeders for their time, it was really interesting to visit them .
Show in Barrios de Luna is organized by Sociedad canina de Leon always 2nd Sunday in September during festival "Fiesta del Pastor".
Our Europa Tornádo Erben was placed on wonderful 3rd place from 15 females in open class (in this class also participated for example World Winner, champion of Aepme or other very successful spanish females). Son of Europa - Kimbo Tornádo Erben - in young class became best young male from 14 males. And on the end kennel TORNÁDO ERBEN already for the second time on this show became Best breeding group. Till now any other kennel from abroad didn´t achieve so great result. In this year it was group of 3 generetions Tornado Erben : Sofia - Europa - Kimbo. We spent wonderful time on show and we were very happy from results of our dogs on show in Spain.

open class - females - from the left
Vestala de Montes del Pardo, Ch. Enny de
Tierra de Orbigo, Ch. Loma I de Rio Lago,
Europa Tornado Erben, Julia de Loredo
final in Barrios de Luna Europa is running for
her price for 3rd place
competition of breeding group - from the left
Auto Can, Tornádo Erben a Reciecho
Best breeding group Winner of show
Duna de Puerto de
Sofia on the mountains of Leon in kennel Abelgas in kennel Abelgas in Los Gustamores


History continue... 5 years ago We were in Spain for mating in kennel Los Piscardos with our Eleonore. The mating wasn´t successful and we got possibility to come again in the future. So now after five years, again in October, we went to Spain for mating, with only one difference - we travelled with Daffy, daughter of Eleonore. We chose for her huge, strong male with great character - Navarro de Los Piscardos. The trip was successful and in December were born 4 beautiful big puppies from which one little girl stayed at home.
During out trip to Spain We also visited these kennels:
Les Mates - where travelled our Umberto Arroyo Tornado Erben, Picu Xiana and Fonte Xunquera - where our New Dalí Tornado Erben lives.

Daffy Navarro and Daffy Daffy and Barrios de Luna
kennel Les Mates kennel Picu Xiana kennel Fonte Xunquera

photogallery from our travel here


This year We participated on show organized by SOCALE (Sociedad Canina de Leon). This show is held every year in San Emiliano and has really big tradition. Also we travelled for mating with beautiful male - spanish champion Tejo de Laciana and rest of the time We visited some kennels Calella de Otur, Les Mates, de la Reguera and Toranzo. Thanks a lot to all breeders for time, which spent with us.

On show participated more than 50 mastines, our Yerba Tigre on her first show got valuation very promising 2. Females Niké Charley and Noble Victoria Tornádo Erben were together in open class in competition of 8 very quality and show successful females - Noble Victoria Tornádo Erben was excellent 2 and Niké Charley Tornádo Erben excellent 4. Our breeding group TORNADO ERBEN already for the 4th time in Spain gained 1st place.

Niké Charley in La Rioja Noble Victoria and Ch. Tejo Noble Victoria in valle de Babia
kennel Calella de Otur Les Mates - our Umberto
Arroyo Tornádo Erben
kennel Reguera kennel Toranzo
males - open class females - our Noble Victoria on the left kennel Tornádo Erben -
best breeding group


This year we combined participation on the show with a visit of our puppies, living in Spain and visit of some breeders. We started near of Girona, than we moved across much of Spain to Leon, where a special exhibition was held in Fresno del Camino (more than 50 mastines participated). Our puppy Claudia Tornado Erben won 1st place in puppy class and in final became best pupppy of the show. Our young female Yerba Tigre Tornado Erben won an absolutely amazing 1st place in a huge competition of eight females. And our adult Charley placed in a beautiful 4th place in the open class (from 8 females).
We also went to kennels Cueto Negro, Picu Moru, Filandon, Fuente Mimbre, Vicheriza, Amdece de Nava, where our Kimbo lives, and Valdejera, where our Carmen lives. Many thanks to all breeders for the time they gave us.

Charley girls and me Yerba Tigre - best young female
best mastin of show kennel Picu Moru our Kimbo
kennel Filandon kennel Fuente Mimbre gallery from Spain here


This year we took part in the two most important and largest exhibitions - AEPME club show and the Barrios de Luna exhibition held on the occasion of the shepherds' celebrations. More than 90 mastines were entered for each of the exhibitions. And we didn't do badly at all :-) In Barrios our puppy Gorgeous Girl Tornado Erben won 1st place in a big competition of 7 females and her sister Galaxia placed in an amazing second place. Galaxia won a great second place at the club show AEPME, also in a large competition.
We enjoyed the beautiful spanish nature and visited kennels Tierra de Orbigo, Serylu, Curueno Porma and Los Zumbos. Many thanks to all breeders for their willingness.

our girls on 1st and 2nd place 2nd place on 2nd show
Gorgeous Girl in the mountains ocean and our girls with Yerba in the mountains
best mastines - Barrios de Luna kennel Tierra de Orbigo kennel Curueno Porma


The main goal of our trip was to bring a new member of our dog pack. As a bonus was huge success of our young girls on special show of the ASAME club (Asociacion asturiana de mastin espanol).
The amazing dog Maximo became our new friend. We waited for this puppy very long time, it was so important that in his ancestors are also our extraordinary mastines Dali and Sofia. Many thanks to the breeder of Maximo for leaving us this beautiful puppy. The young Galaxia took part in the show in junior class - she won first place and in final She became the best junior of the show. Galaxia´s sister Gábi - Gorgeous Girl did not disappoint and also won first place - already in the intermediate class. It was a wonderful and very successful journey.  

Gábi first place our winners cathedral in Leon and our girls
Gabi and I even appeared in TV :-)
first meeting on the beach

photogallery from SPAIN here


After a long covid break We finally went to Spain in the summer. And it was a successful journey :-) Our Gábi - Gorgeous Girl Tornado Erben won 1st place again at the national show in Lugo - she became best female and also won the title BOS - Best of Opposite sex. We were also very happy with the youngest Sunny Bell Tornado Erben, who not only won a very promising award, but also won the title Best baby of the breed. And thirdly, our Princess Zita won first place and CCJ title in the junior class. We also visited kennels Laciana, Tierra de Orbigo, Los Arandanos, Lunava and Pirinola - thanks a lot to all breeders.

Sunny Gábi our success
Tierra de Orbigo Laciana Los Arandanos
Pirinola Princess Zita and mountains of Leon


After several years, we again participated in two the most important spanish shows AEPME club exhibition (Monografica Nacional) and special show in Barrios de Luna. 80 mastines were entered at the club show and around 100 mastines in Barrios, judged by real breed specialists. This time We participated with our youngest - with 4-month-old Xyro and 8-months old Vinny, both boys got an amazing rating in huge competition:

Monografica Nacional AEPME (judge Carlos Salas)
XYRO Tornado Erben - very promising 3
VINNY Tornado Erben - very promising 2

Barrios de Luna - Fiesta del Pastor (judge Enrique Fernandez)
XYRO Tornado Erben - very promising 1
VINNY Tornado Erben - very promising 1

During our trip we visited our favorite places in the nature, the boys enjoyed to play on the beach of ocean and we also visited breeders - kennel Tierra de Orbigo, Valeon, Abelgas, Vega del Porma and Calella de Otur. Two more mastines traveled with us back from Spain - beautiful girl Valkiria de Vega del Porma and a new stud male Trasgu de la Calella de Otur. Thank you very much to all the breeders for the wonderful reception and the time they gave us.

numerous class of babies with best veteran
Bianca Ultra Maxima
daughter of our male
Ydaldo Leon Tornádo Erben
Best mastin
Barrios de Luna
Best mastin Monografica kennel Abelgas
in the mountains Daisy and ocean Vinny in the mountains of Leon
kennel Vega del Porma kennel Calella de Otur